Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Here!

Yep, that's right it arrived earlier than Canada Post estimated. I am totally excited !
I smiled so big in this picture that my eyes look like little black lines. LOL.

It's almost the end of week we got a picture for all 7 days and one of them is from Alex's everyday morning routine. He even wrote the journaling!
The album is all set up, totally cool. It might not stay the way it is we will see how it goes....I want to include more things from our life: receipts, a hydro bill, some of my art, items from places we visit, shopping lists and notes. I am going to also try and make some extra layouts in other sizes maybe 8.5X11 and 8X8 for some of the events that we have, like New Years eve, a birthday, a photo I love.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
I think I may need to buy another binder for all the things I have planned, this one might not house all of the extra bits. Thank goodness they have parts of the kit available for purchase this year.
I bought my kit from Scrapbooker's Inner Circle (located in Alberta)


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