Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project Life Photos

This is the first week Dec 31-Jan 6 and an additional page of my album. My hope is to do at least one extra layout a month depending on the amount of photos I take. January is a busy month so I think I will have at least another 2 page layout about the 4 birthdays.
The additional page at the bottom is a hybrid layout, I made the collage in PE the blue paper I used is digital and added in PE also. The rest was added after printing.
Inspired by some of the photo collages I have seen on my friends Milena's blog I think I might try making more digital layouts. I would love to see her Project 365 album. I imagine that it's totally amazing to have a whole year, one photo a day scrapbooked.
I forgot to mention, Alex took the photo on pg.2 bottom left and wrote the journaling for the album also. Elaine is part of his morning routine, when he stops to get his morning coffee and muffin.


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Barbara said...

I love that Alex is going to be a part of this project. That's going to make it more special.
I love these pages.