Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birthdays and other stuff

January is a busy month for our family in the birthday department and these are cards I will be giving this month.

My nephew's birthday is on the 8th, I'm the 10th, my sister is on the 18th and my sister in-law is on the 26th.
With Christmas just passed I am having a hard time thinking of what to buy....

My sister is a jeweller, she can make any type of jewellery she wants but I really like some of the necklaces from Lisa Leonard specifically the "be still" necklace. She is always a hard one for me to buy for.

Have you heard of Evernote? Well this App. is quite AMAZING!!
"Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web."
It will help you remember everything, and its easy to use.
I am the type that book marks a ton of stuff on the web, takes photos with my iPhone and now since I started Project Life it is really helping me keep things together and organized.
If you don't have it check it out. Let me know if you get it, OK.

I have heard/read about this web site, several times over the past week. Check out Shuttercal.
Very cool.


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