Sunday, January 2, 2011

I finally did it!

Look up!
I made my own blog header. The hardest part was getting is sized correctly to fit into Blogger.
Kinda cool :)
Alex had to help me to figure it out, I am so glad he is a techie kind of guy.
Maybe this will help me blog more?

NO, but I am hoping that participating in Project Life will.

Project Life info here
and Canadians can purchase here

Project Life is a simplified way to document a year of your life. Pocket pages and pre-designed elements including journaling cards, title cards and stickers take the guess work out of design and allow you to get layouts done quickly.
Check out this picture is from Becky Higgins Blog for a layout idea.

I have taken the plunge and I bought the kit and I have even committed to (myself) taking a photo a day for the year so each of my two page layouts will be a week in review.
I do plan on adding other layouts, daily momentous, lists and ticket studs etc. to help support the photos.

I am so excited about this! I have started taking pictures and journaling on my laptop even though my kit has not arrived. The excitement is so high that I bought a second kit for my sister in-law Paula for her birthday on the 26th.

Just after buying the kit, I spoke to Alex (the hubby) about this endeavour and he told me he was going to help periodically with this project.
I had to have a little fun with it and I asked him record a voice memo on my iPhone stating his intentions. He did. ((hugs))

Ta Ta for now, as Tigger says.

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Barbara said...

I love that you're going to work on this and can't wait to see it.
Love the new header. Now that you know how, you'll have to teach me.