Sunday, June 27, 2010

I gotta say, I'm kinda Bored

Here is a random thought for my Sunday.

It's Sunday, I have been to the what?
I got up early and went to a spin class this morning, got home ate some eggs then did my cleaning and laundry.
Now I gotta say I'm kinda bored!

Do other people feel this?
Ya know, people who have kids seem to have things to do all the time.....or do they?
Well which ever the case may they ever get bored?
Do retired people ever get bored? I sure as heck would think so.
I know kids get bored, but gosh I have been getting bored a lot lately.

I want to do something, but I don't really know what.
OK I do know.
I want to get back to work, it's been too long.
Oh how I wish Scrapbook Queens could open it's doors sooner!
Placing orders, receiving inventory and displaying product. I would be in heaven!!!
My inner organizing geek CAN'T wait for this to happen.
Soon :)

Back to finding something to do.....


1 comment:

Barbara said...

I get like that ... but there are times when I long to be a little bored too.
Usually I get bored during the week, when everyone's at school and I have no energy.