Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stamping Day with Sweet

Not much doin' around the house this week, and many of my pals are sick.
Some of our together days had to be canceled. Pooh.
Something I am looking forward to is a weekend getaway with some of the chicks from the Tuesday Lunch Bunch at Scrapalicious Oakville. Awesome group of women.
I can't wait!
Today was suppose to be a crafting day at Irena's, unfortunately she is one of the sickies. I hope she feels better soon. Suzanne (also a sickie) stayed home today also.....more to that in a bit.
Janet went to her cottage so that left Sweet (Theresa) and I.
We got together and had a card making day today. Tons of fun today, but not many completed cards for me. Today I even coloured a bit, inspired by Sweet.

One of Ms. Theresa's cards:
She is a card makin' machine!
7 cards today and atleast 10 last time we were crafting together.
AWESOME Theresa, you got talent!

Both cards are made with Stamping Bella stamps (images)

One of my cards (it moves)
This colouring thing might be something I do more often.
I have been fighting it for a long time as it takes more time than I thought
I wanted to spend. Colouring is kinda relaxing.....a throwback to childhood.
It's needs to be explored a bit more, but I am thinking it might be something
that sticks around in my crafting arsenal.

Sentiment stamps on my card are from Stampin' Up!
and Close to My Heart.

Now to tell you about a little bit about are stalker mission today.
Ms. Suzanne's birthday day is next weekend, but we decided to surprise her today with a visit.
If you can believe it, she didn't even answer the door!
We honked the car horn, threw a tissue box at her windows, knock on the balcony and even got into her highly secured building (not) and knock on her door.
Phone messages were left, Alex pretended to be a delivery man and left messages also.
None of it worked.
Ms. Sickie was sleeping, heard us knocking at her door but though we were Mormons back to spread the word of God again. They paid a visit 2 weeks ago.

Happy early Birthday Suzanne!!!

Tomorrow should be a relaxing Sunday at home with Alex.
Except for grocery shopping we should be able to stay home for the day.
I hope we can play some Wii games (Rayman Raving Rabbids ROCKS!)
I am ready to kick some butt!



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Anonymous said...

test anonomous

Theresa said...

Joy... your card is fabulous :) said...

Your not a very good stalker :) Thanks for the gifts and for being such a rockin' friend!

The cards you girls made are super cute.

xo said...

You're not.... silly commenting!

Barbara said...

I'm glad that you could still get together with Teressa still since the others couldn't make it. It sounds like a nice day.