Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Close

I was called for jury duty. AHHHH.
We were called in Monday and sent home in an hour. I went back in this morning at 9:00 and we waited again. This time we got to watch a video about how things work in the jury selection process. Every exciting!!! Looked like is was filmed in the early 90's, big hair, big eye glasses and shoulder pads gave it away.
We made it into the courtroom today, saw the judge, he told us we weren't needed......WooHoo!
I have to admit that I was looking forward to sitting in on a trial, I HATE waiting around not knowing, but I think it really would have been interesting. Let's face it, I do have the time these days. Maybe in three years they will call me in again.


1 comment:

Barbara said...

It would be cool if you had an interesting case, but in all likelyhood it would be a complete bore.