Friday, February 6, 2009

Dinner and a Sleepover


Alex and I picked up my nephew Justin, Paige & Riley my nieces for dinner and a sleepover. I energy they have as group is Amazing! It will be a lazy day tomorrow for sure.
We introduced them to Raclette this evening, they seemed to enjoy it. I mean who wouldn't veggies, cheese, chicken or ham and some more cheese. We will have to do this again next visit.

The kids and I made some Valentines after our tummy's were full. Riley & Paige were keen to make cards this evening, and Justin was also in the car on our way home. The lure of the video game captured him, and Auntie was left to assemble his cards. He did do his own stamping and wrote his own messages, I should be happy with that. I think he is getting to old to craft with his Aunt.
It's not COOL anymore..........the XBox, Wii and PSP are now "the bomb" and Uncle Alex is his gaming partner.

WHY do they have to grow up? I wonder how much longer the girls will still want to be crafty with me?
Did you know that 3 kids can never agree on one movie to watch? I bet that one of them waits to hear their siblings choices and MUST say no to whatever they pick.
Two of the 3 agreed to watch Benchwarmers, then the giggles and laughter became abundant.

One movie, one bowl of cereal and one hash brown later they are asleep.

Now I think its my turn, off to bed.
I need to get on the treadmill tomorrow morning or I might get in trouble!
I hope my workout buddy isn't to hard on me for flaking on today's workout.

TTFN Have a great weekend!

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Barbara said...

It sounds like a fun night.
Even at the age of my boys, they still can't agree on a movie.