Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random thought

So what's going on this week? Not much.
I have started the search for a job and I am quite excited about getting back to it. I miss the daily interaction with colleagues and customers. I have been working in customer service now for 13 years! Man that's weird to say. How did I get 13 years of anything? I really don't see myself as a 32 year old, without a career. I really like working in retail/customer service! Some say and think it is not a real job, but to those I say, Bah humbug!

Anything we buy you bought from someone like me, when we need help with that item you will speak to someone like me. Anytime we are outside of our homes we will get help from MANY people like me. I guess what all this is leading up to is.....

Why is customer service industry considered NOT to be a good or desirable career path?

I enjoy the fact that everyday is different because of the people I assist. I enjoy the relationship that happens when customers return to the store days, months and years later because they enjoyed their shopping experience. I help people in little ways everyday when I am working a store, branch, or call center and I take pride in my work and have a strong work ethic. I like to think that people are loyal customers because of the excellent service they receive.
No matter where you work or what you do for a living helping people can never be wrong.
The little things matter.

If you read this post all the way through, thank you for taking the time. You are sweet to do so.


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Barbara said...

I can't believe that people wouldn't see the service industry as a career, and a very valuable one at that! You're very good at it Joy, and it shows that you enjoy it.