Monday, June 4, 2012

all packed up

yep i finished packing up my scraproom yesterday and it's already for new floors.
sadly I will not be unpacking this room until we find a new home. so i packed up a 
rolling tote so i can continue create over the summer. 



now to make it into a bedroom then, on to the next room.


Regan said...

boooo hissss.....

Dr. J said...

Good luck with your house hunt and your rolly tote! Keep scrapping!

Glenda T. said...

I feel your pain! My art room is still not unpacked. Working full time really puts a kink in trying to organize your life!! haha Good luck on your move, I haven't created in sooooooo long. Hopefully soon???

Melissa Bi. said...

what a cute room you had!
I know what you are going through. My room is all packed up until my new scrap table & shelves are installed at the end of June.
Hope you find a new home - with a great scrap room - soon!!

Deanna said...

So sad!