Tuesday, April 24, 2012

she loved her life

hey there crafty people,

i've been at it again. playing with paper, paints, stamps and canvas that is.
i am totally lovin' the way she turned out.

the words .... she loved her life and the ones in it. a new favourite saying.

this 6x8 canvas from the dollar store is the perfect size for the Christy Tomlinson stamps. i used the she leaped stamp here which i paper pieced because i did not want to use the wings. check out some of the stamps here..... the new crafter workshop templates are getting a good workout with these projects. my collection is growing rapidly. i must say that i prefer the 6x6 size templates. 

now to find the perfect frame to put her in.

enjoy today !



Barbara said...

you are so creative!

Regan said...

totally love it..

Deanna said...

Wow it is beautiful!