Friday, February 24, 2012

hello again

well i can't say that we gave up all our techie toys but 
we did get a good break from them.

no t.v.
very limited internet use (10 minute blocks on certain days) 
no blogging :(
no texting (i broke down on the 22nd)
next time we will try for the whole shebang. give up all "connected" gadgets.

now for the crafty are a few peeks for you of some up coming projects

some use your stuff

lynne challenged us to use  tealpurple and yellow gold
i rarely use purple in my projects but this challenge started me on a purple kick! maybe purple isn't so bad.

the flower was cut on my silhouette. i saw a similar card with this flower somewhere on the web but now i can't find it to share it with you. *love* this flower

see what the other gals made

have a fabulous friday!



Barbara said...

way to go on being unplugged.
It's something I'll need to do again soon.

Melissa Bi. said...

I admire your willpower! I am practivally attached to my laptop during the evening.

Deanna said...

Such a great flower girl!