Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Music

I have been needing to hear some happy songs and I found some in the iTunes.
Have you ever found one song on iTunes and followed the Genius recommendations?
It's like following a trail of bread crumbs. Click, Click, Click.
Just try it! I found these songs by doing just that.

Now don't overdose on the happy. You may need to listen to these at different times.

Go Get HAPPY :)

I can see myself shuffling these songs in while I scrapbook. So fun and happy.
Which is you favourite?
Tell me in your comments.



Milena said...

Holy Happy!!!! What a lovely collection of Happy Happy songs. Just perfect for a grey rainy dull March day. I just might have to buy them all!! Thanks for sharing, Joy.

Deanna said...

Well it is just to tough to pick one although I do really like the last one! So fun girl!

Barbara said...

I like the last one too. I need to go to itunes!