Friday, March 13, 2009

a look into my creative space

This is my favorite space in our home, also the most lived in space.
Alex finished our basement in 2006, not long after he installed the fixings for my studio and we reclaimed our dining room table and a bit of square footage on the main level of our home from the scrapbooking Gods.

Using a mixture of kitchen cabinets, counter top, laundry room cabinets and 9 cubes from Store in Style my studio came to life.

I am a bit of an Idea book/Sketch book Junkie.
OK.....I am an addict.
See that big blue binder on my desk.....3 inches full of inspiration from various sources.

A few years ago, before I started working at local scrapbooks stores, (presently I do not) I sold Close to My Heart scrapbooking and stamping products. That is why you see so many inks 90% are from CTMH, they have a lot of ink colours to choose from.
I apparently could not choose.

OK Barb and Janet laugh now....I have a lot of supplies. I know :)

My passion started with scrapbooking. I developed a love for stamps when I started selling CTMH....and if you can imagine I actually told Alex before signing up that I would not get into the stamps I just wanted to scrapbook.
Alex knew better.

I cant believe I have been scrapbooking for almost 10 years and stamping for I think 4 years.
I love this hobby!

Now how wants to come over and scrapbook with me?



Veronica said...

Your room looks great Joy. I just wish we would finish our basement already so mine can look somewhat clean and stored. I now have everything down there but it is not displayed nicely. Have fun working in your creative space.

Barbara said...

I love your room. You have lots of space for company, LOL!
...and I know a couple of people who have way more stuff so don't worry. Actually, I just may be one of those people, you just can't see it all because I hide mine away.

Deanna said...

Shut up... this is gorgeous! I love the cabinets with create on them!