Wednesday, April 4, 2012

canvas art

hey there crafty friends,

if you remember from my other post, i showed you some canvases i have been working on. 
i think i might have a new addiction!

i love the way it turned out! the hard part for me was not the getting messy part but letting go and not worrying or thinking i was going to make a mistake. the cool part about these canvases is that if i don't like something i added, i can paint over it with gesso or add another layer on top of the part i don't like.

i need to find and buy lots of rub-ons. they are fabulous for adding texture and detail to what your working on. i can't wait to make more canvas art! 


p.s. this canvas was inspired by the on-line class called She Art by Christie Tomlinson 


Barbara said...

this is so awesome!! I'll bet you really enjoyed making this one. Are you making more?

Deanna said...

Wow you are a natural!

Melissa Bi. said...

It turned out beautifully!!

Milena said...

Gorgeous Joy!!! I love it.

Regan said...

wowie wow wow!!!!