Friday, March 30, 2012

gettin' messy!

i have been admiring those people out there that make mixed media projects for several months now, seemed pretty cool....kinda freeing? i decided....i can do that! and use my scrapbooking supplies too.

so one of the ways i have been learning about mixed media, more specifically mixed media on canvas,
is watching karen ellis on her u-stream channel.  karen owns the art house studio in kitchener. She is a super sweet gal and Über talented.
i picked up some essential products from her yesterday and started playing around with some canvases today. what are some essentials you might be thinking?
  • molding paste to add texture
  • stencils/templates for more texture
  • brushes
  • acrylic paint
  • stamps 
here's a look at what i've been making today

i'm having tons of fun! and trying not to fuss too much. 



Deanna said...

Wow, this totally looks fun!

Regan said...

go JOY!!!!