Friday, March 23, 2012

bliss list

My little bliss list for this week.....

~ Crafting and catching up with friends I haven't seen for a while 
(this was last week but I had such a great time and I'm thinking about it this week)

~ Enjoying a book

~ Making plans and looking forward to moving to a new city 
(nothing definite yet)

~ Cooking on the barbecue (yes we've started already)

~ Making cards for my nephew & nieces for Easter

~ Alex's road riding season has started and he's excited to get back to it (I love his excitement)

~ Learning something new - mixed media canvases

~ Seeing the spring flowers bloom in the front garden

Make your own bliss list and join in on Liv Lane's blog 

Thanks for visiting..........Woohoo it's Friday!!



Ruth Kelly said...

How lucky for you that it's warm enough to barbecue!

pat said...

Learning something new was my favorite!

Barbara said...

what?? moving? Where? London? (Ontario I'm assuming)

Deanna said...

I see a map of London but I am hoping Waterloo!