Friday, February 10, 2012

10 things on the 10th

1. i love this picture because this little doggie LOVES toilet paper rolls. you can hear her running to the door of the washroom hoping the person inside used the last of the toilet paper so she can tear up the roll.we find the little bits of paper and the "i'm bored with it now" left over roll parts hanging around on the upper level of the house. Alex calls it "nesting"

2. colour, colour, colour. so pretty! i love to see it organized this way too. photo taken at The Scrapbooking Bug

3. just dance 3 is so much fun! alex and i have played, it's hilarious to watch as people learn the niece and nephew were much faster at picking things up than we were. When they weren't disagreeing about what song to choose next, there were lots of giggles and smiles.

4.the crochet class i took with some friends at The Art House Studio. the most fun i've have had in a class in long time. i don't see any crochet in my future but you never know. for now i will pay for those embellishments.  

5. miss. gracie enjoying the warmth of the sun coming in from the backdoor. well until i grabbed the camera, apparently it was time for a little yawn and stretch.

6. yum! eggs cooked inside of a red pepper ring with onions and cheese. i sautéed the onions before adding cooking them with the egg. this is something we will be doing again.

7. i recorded how to train your dragon on the dvr and i think i've played it about 5 times already. it's one of those movies that you can leave on while working on other things. 

8. you know for a house without kids we still find toys all over the house. i swear the dogs leave one in each room so no matter where we are they can make us play fetch. a never ending game in our home.

9. J&P loved playing with the typewriter while they were visiting. in order for them to get it working properly, I taught them about the good old hunt and peck method. they were holding down the keys while trying to type so this really helped them to get it working correctly. i can't count how many times they complained about not being able to backspace and delete their spelling mistakes. funny!

10. you know that part in the movie UP where the dog is speaking and get's distracted by a squirrel? SQUIRREL !!
well that really happens in our house. these two are always heading to the backdoor when a squirrel is back there. we have a few nests in the tree so there are a few on them teasing the dogs throughout the day. even when playing fetch they get distracted.

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have a great weekend!
i'm off to pack for a little getaway :)



Tammy said...

Super photos!! Cute dogs. The kids look like they are having a great time.

scrappymo! said...

I bet the kids had fun on the typewriter. I remember the hunt and peck method too!

Great list.

Phoenix Peacock said...

your dogs are full of so much joy and bliss! what a wonderful aunt you are too

Jo.C said...

I can't get the hang of crochet either :0)
Fab photos - the toilet roll one made me smile. Have fun on your getaway.

Melissa said...

What a great 10 photos! I like all that colorful ribbon.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Joy ~ Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :o) I enjoyed reading your 10 things. Your dogs are so cute! My husband and I were just talking about typewriters this morning - so funny. Remember how to center something? Go to the center and backspace for every other letter? Yes, how times have changed!

Deanna said...

Wow I was really enjoying this post until you made me remember that craochet class! LMAO