Friday, September 2, 2011

We went back

Thank you for the kind anniversary wishes in your comments, very sweet.
We had a great day yesterday, we went back to....... 

The church where we were married

Ever heard of Dear Photograph? (check it out)
I hadn't not until Ms. Barb mentioned it. Thanks Barb !!
so AWESOME, you will totally get it when you check out the site.

We also went back to the park where we had pictures taken

He bought me flowers. 
He even remembered that I had blue roses 
in the centre of my bouquet so I had a single blue rose in this one.
The remote for the camera came in handy for this. 

Then it was time for dinner, more on that another day.

Thank for stoping by guys.


Michal said...

Thats So Sweet! I'm glad you had a good day!

Deanna said...

Ah so sweet... how kewl is it that you are holding the pic up in front of the very spot! Love it!

Barbara said...

sooooo cool. I have to upload mine.

Alex is so sweet to remember the flowers like that. I love the story of how you went back to the same park with all the people staring. That's a layout for sure.