Monday, June 27, 2011

Angry Birds in my fridge


These funny birds are from a game app. that you can download on many devices. or in the Apple App store.

 I think they are so freakin cute! and had to get the for my brother's birthday.
The cake inside is SO yummy.

Yes they might be on the childish side for a 33 year olds b-day but sometimes it's
nice to change things up from the traditional cake.... I simply could 
not resist when I saw them on Sarah's Cake Creations. 

This talented cake goddess does everything my hand....AMAZAZING.
The cake inside is SO yummy.

The whole family enjoyed the angry bird cake-pops, this little miss got 
right into her birds persona......

Thank you to Sarah for making these yummy treats.

Have I mentioned the cake inside is SO yummy?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Carolyn Wolff said...

So cool. I love angry birds.