Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take a photo of your downtown

Over at Scrapbookers Inner Circle ,under the blog tab, Tammy blogs about 52 Photography themes. It helps people who are working on Project Life or people who are looking for some photo inspiration.
Week 2 was "get out into your city/town and photograph your downtown area."
I found this a little challenging, as we do not go to downtown Brampton for much. I don't think I have been into any of the stores around the four corners area in my lifetime except for one.
Alex has been shopping at Cyclepath for 18 years, and I started shopping there four years ago when I bought Alex a bike for his 30th birthday.
At the start of every bike season (April) we make a trip to the store so he can check out new items and get some of his necessities. I look at the bikes in the store while he talks shop with the employees, who by the way, have not changed all that much since Alex started shopping there. He knows them by name.
It must be a great place to work.