Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasures (or not)

I have a friend who always has great questions to ask, she answered this question on her blog.
What are some of my guilty pleasures? Here
I get to know so much about friends when Q&A's are posted on their blogs or on a favorite web community. I think they are a fantastic way to find out more about the people you know and find common ground that you share.

Some of my guilty no particular order.

~Potato chips in almost any flavor, sure I have my favorites,
but it seems I can't go without them no matter how hard I try.

~Blogs.....on the time I can waste reading and reading. Google Reader is the best invention
for blog-a-holics like me. Everything in one place.....
I check it multiple times daily!

~My movie days. Lets just say I love my movies and I can watch several back to back.
Me, my pj's and the couch have a love/hate relationship.

~On line shopping (not eBay) 24 hours a day....need I say more.
OK I LOVE shopping in general but its so easy online.
I mostly buy crafty stuff online these days....
I have an obsession right now with Papertrey Ink

~My computer in general. I can sit in-front of the beautiful
glowing screen for hours and get nothing else done.
I feel REALLY guilty when this happens.

~Organizing! This is one that I LOVVVVVE to do but I can become a little obsessive.
To do lists, my pantry, my studio and my closets. Don't even get me started on the products
that help me to organize. Organizing my scrapbook room is a little piece of heaven.

~True Blood, Spartacus: Blood and Sand MUST SEE T.V. for me. A new season of True Blood
starts June 13th!!

~CHOCOLATE. come on you knew it would be on my list!
I think Milk chocolate is my fav. but I do enjoy a good dark.

~iTunes and iPhone apps. I think I download something at least weekly.

Well that's nine, huh, I thought there would be more. I am struggling to find 1 more.
I am sure that Alex might be able to give me a few more for the list.
I think I might ask him this question and post his answer??

I am going to try and upload some of my latest creations in the next couple of days, I have been on a HUGE card making kick lately. Most likely fueled by #4 on my list above.


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