Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MIA and some good stuff

Missing in Action is definitely me over the past 3 months. I have been a busy girl, not creatively but in my everyday life. My job keeps me hopping as it does with everyone, the biggest change for me is in my healthier lifestyle. I watch everything I eat and even keep a food journal (I never thought I would do that) and I exercise 6 days a week.
I have had great success over the last 5 months, I have lost 76 pounds. WoW just typing that feels AWESOME!

After my first 3 months doing things on my own, I saw a little smartcar on my way to work with the name Trainers On Site on the side and that night I sent an email and my life changed.
I met Rob from Trainers On Site, you could feel the passion he has for his work and that he did not pass judgment on my situation. Comfort is a HUGE thing with a personal trainer, and I felt comfortable since the first day and knew that he was the one to help push my exercise to the next level. Rob introduced me to kickboxing while training me at home, I love it so much that I joined a KB class at the World Class Karate Studio which I look forward to each week.
(I would have never done that before)
Now that is just half of the story, Rob has an amazing wife named Michelle. Michelle and Rob run a group called The Brampton Weight Loss Group, which is a support group for people looking to lose weight and/or live a healthier lifestyle. Michelle is a certified holistic nutritionist and an accountability coach so together they are a dream team for your health.

One person shows up at my house twice a week with a positive attitude, makes me drip sweat, passes his knowledge of fitness on to me and has tons of encouraging words.......and the other talks to me and leads me to answer questions that I have not answered before, shares oodles of knowledge and helps everyone understand themselves better and reminds us that we have to indulge sometimes. These two people have only been in my life for three months and they have helped me more than they will ever know. I am not only stronger physically, I have a stronger mind and spirit.
Thank you Rob and Michelle.

This change does require much of my focus, and I have sadly let my other passions fall further down my list. A few things a miss greatly and others I don't think I miss all that much.
More about that later this post is long enough. :)


Barbara said...

You look amazing girl! All your hard work has paid off, and will keep paying off.

Barbara said...

Hey. I think you need to update.
There's a little something for you on my blog.