Friday, May 15, 2009

20 of My Favorite Things

This is another cool idea from The Simple Woman's Daybook website.
Try it and send it to your friends, blog buddies and family members. Ask them to send it back with
their favorites.
I can feel a scrapbook page emerging from this

1. Color- Green

2. Dessert- My mother in-laws no bake strawberry cheesecake

3. Smell- Vanilla anything

4. Flower- Daisies

5. Animal- Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

6. Month- October and December (I love the holidays)

7. Beverage- Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi and Tea

8. Pair of shoes- Running shoes and my classic black converse

9. Snack- chocolate and or chips....salty, sweet combination is the best!

10. Song- I could never pick just one. I have to turn this one up every time I hear it.........My Life would Suck without You by Kelly Clarkson

11. Book- right now---Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

12. Fruit- Grapes or apples

13. Hairstyle- Anything that`s easy

14. Piece of clothing- any of my green shirts

15. Store to clothes shop- Penningtons

16. Season- Spring for Fall. I hate the heat of summer.

17. Hobby- Scrapbooking and Card making

18. Thing to collect- Angels

19. Movie- You've Got Mail or Finding Nemo (if I am home sick)

20. Restaurant- South Street Burger Co. (I guess I am a cheap date) LOL

Don`t forget to cut and paste this into your next blog post or email it to your friends.


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Barbara said...

that cheesecake sounds very yummy!