Thursday, January 15, 2009

Up and Running

Hey there,

I am new to blogging, so while I am learning what to do please bare with me.
Not that anyone will read this.
I can not promise you that my grammar and/or spelling will be impeccable, but I will try and remember to use spell check and use the proper there, their or they're when possible.
My father will be mortified if he ever reads this, after all he was an English teacher for over 30 years.
My apologies in advance father :)

TTFN~ ta, ta for now!



Barbara said...

yay!!! Joy has a blog! I'm so happy.

Can I add a link to yours on mine?

JOY said...

Yes you can!

Veronica Reis said...

Hey Joy, Just found your blog and I am reading babe. Word!